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Unregistered race meetings – Australian Rule of Racing AR.6 (Exemption)

Australian Rule of Racing – AR.6 states –

“AR.6. (1) These Rules apply to all races held under the management or control of a Principal Racing Authority, and shall, together with such Rules (not being repugnant to or inconsistent with these Rules) as may from time to time be made by the Principal Racing Authority in its territory, be read and construed as the rules of the Principal Racing Authority in such territory and, subject to the
provisions of A.R. 35, shall apply to all races held under the management of a Principal Racing Authority or any registered Club and to all meetings registered by a Principal Racing Authority.

(2) Unless the Principal Racing Authority otherwise determines, if any race or race meeting is not held under these Rules -[amended 1.10.06]

(a) any horse taking part shall ipso facto be disqualified

(b) any person taking part therein shall be ineligible to enter a horse for any race, or to hold or continue to hold any licence or registration under these Rules

(c) any person who acts in connection therewith as promoter, organiser, president, chairman, secretary, treasurer, committee member, or in any advisory or official capacity, shall be debarred from acting in any official capacity at any race meeting, and any horse in which he has an interest shall be ineligible to race at any registered meeting.

(3) Paragraphs (b) and (c) of subrule (2) shall not apply to any race or race meeting in which thoroughbreds do not take part and which is or are held under the management or regulation of an organisation formally recognised by the Government of the State or Territory in which the race meeting is conducted. [amended 1.10.06]

(4) Any question not provided for by these Rules shall be determined by the Principal Racing Authority concerned. [replaced 1.7.05]”.

TRSA provides notice of the following Determination providing an exemption under AR.6, effective 25 September 2017;
Exemption – AR.6

“For the purposes of AR.6(2) a horse, in which a person acting in any of the ways set forth in AR.6(2)(c)(“Actions”) has an interest, is not rendered ineligible by reason of that person so acting.
For the avoidance of doubt:

1. this Determination does not derogate from any other consequence set forth in AR.6(2)(b) and (c); and

2. the term “..any person taking part therein..” in AR.6(2)(b) is to be interpreted as excluding only the Actions but not otherwise as affecting the meaning and intent of AR.6(2)(b).”

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