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Make Easter 2020 memorable – for the right reasons

Easter 2020 will be a little bit different to what we’re used to – but it can still be a fun, family holiday weekend.

The answer to making Easter 2020 memorable for the right reasons is simple: creativity.

Colouring in competition: 

Keep the kids busy with our Stable Stars Easter Egg colouring in competition for your chances to win our Easter Hamper worth $150. Click here to find out more


Camping in our normal spots – which for many people included Oakbank for the annual Oakbank races – is not possible this year. But we can still enjoy camping, just with a difference.

Setting up camp in the back yard has at least a couple of advantages:

- It’s closer, so packing and unpacking is much less time-consuming.

- It’s more convenient, so if you’ve forgotten something (or need to answer the call of nature), your life is suddenly much simpler.

- Everyone at home can join in.

Easter food:

Fish on Good Friday, Easter eggs (and Easter egg hunts) on Easter Sunday, and yummy hot-cross buns are a major part of Easter traditions for many families.

Fortunately, the current travel restrictions need not impact our enjoyment of Easter treats.

Hot-cross buns, in several different varieties, are plentiful in supermarkets, while plenty of easy-to-follow hot-cross bun recipes are available online. Try:

Just make sure you have all the ingredients beforehand!

Easter egg hunts can still happen in the backyard. Just be creative (even a little bit sneaky) with your hiding spots – and if you’re hiding them for really little kids, think about leaving some Easter Bunny footprints.

Finally, if you follow the Christian tradition, get your fish organised today for Good Friday, so you can enjoy a seafood feast.

Easter on TV

Armed with some extra spare time, and – if you’re currently working from home – a few days off, you can explore some great family movies.

There are a number of egg-cellent Easter-themed films, like Hop, Peter Rabbit and Rise of the Guardians.

But if you’re looking for another theme, try one of the many family-orientated thoroughbred-racing films.

We suggest Ride Like a Girl (the true story of Michelle Payne, her family and Prince of Penzance’s Melbourne Cup win in 2015), Seabiscuit (a dramatisation about the champion American horse of the 1930s) or for younger fans, Racing Stripes (a crowd-pleasing fictional story about a zebra that hits the racetrack).

Play Easter games

Get the family together for an Easter-themed egg-and-spoon race.

You can even hard-boil the eggs beforehand, and decorate them with an Easter theme, this will keep the kids occupied for another few minutes..

You could play pin the tail on the Easter Bunny using some online printables (or even pin the tail on the racehorse).

If those games don’t appeal, Easter might be an ideal time to dust off those board games that sit in the back of the cupboard and only get pulled out on rainy days – or lockdowns!

Revisiting family games like UNO or Monopoly is a great way to reconnect over the Easter break.

So hop to it!

See family and friends – online

The current environment has seen an explosion in the use of – and knowledge of – online video apps to work from home.

Why not use these apps to talk to the friends and family you would normally spend Easter with? Chat about your Easter, and ask them about how they’re spending their Easter. You may be able to exchange some Easter ideas.

In short, share the Easter love online in 2020.

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