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A new dawn: say hello to Racing SA

Say hello to Racing SA and farewell to Thoroughbred Racing South Australia (TRSA).

From 29 January, TRSA is no more, after the controlling body for horse racing in South Australia made the decision to change its name to Racing SA, complete with a new eye-catching logo.

Racing SA CEO Nick Redin said Racing SA was continuing to pursue growth in the horse population in SA and make improvements to all aspects of the SA racing industry – and a “brand refresh” was an important step, with the new name being part of that process.

“We’re always looking to further strengthen the SA industry and our presence, both locally and beyond our state borders,” said Mr Redin.

“The new name and re-branding – which includes a new suite of sub-brands – gives us a better, more modern platform to proactively promote the industry and the many initiatives we’re working on, and it aligns us with our contemporaries interstate.

“In terms of titles and appearance, it’s a major change and a new direction for us. We’re very excited about it and confident it will help us continue to grow well into the future.”

The new title allows a number of sub-brands to sit under the Racing SA banner, embracing the new focus for the industry’s peak body and for the first time a coherent house of brands has been developed to help promote and grow the industry. They include:

- Thorough Care SA (welfare equine and human)

- Racing Rewards SA (formerly known as SABOIS, or the SA Breeders and Owners Incentive Scheme)

- Racing Careers SA (education and employment)

- Apprentice Academy SA (Racing SA’s Apprentice Academy for jockeys)


Mr Redin said ‘Racing SA’ and the sub-brands would eventually become more recognisable to those outside the industry.

“That’s important, because as an industry we need to make it as easy as possible for people and organisations beyond the racing fraternity to know who we are and what we do,” he said.

“The racing industry in SA is currently going through a period of refocus and growth and it’s crucial we have everything working in our favour to capitalise on this.”

Soon to be seen right across the state and beyond, Racing SA’s new logo is predominantly blue and features a jockey and racehorse, cleverly shaped into a trace of South Australia’s iconic coastline.

“We love our new logo and we’re confident others will too,” Mr Redin said.

“A lot of work has gone into it refining it and making sure it’s representative of our industry and out state, but also distinctive and instantly recognisable.

“We think we’ve achieved those goals.”

Racing SA will represent, develop, promote and support the state's thoroughbred racing industry.

Racing SA will continue to regularly consult with all its stakeholders, clubs via the SAJC and Country Racing SA, owners, breeders, trainers, jockeys and wagering operators to monitor the current status of the industry and develop long-term plans.

“Thoroughbred racing is a vital part of South Australia's social and economic fabric,” Mr Redin said.

“Race meetings are enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people every year, from Mount Gambier in the South East to Roxby Downs in the Far North.

“Thoroughbred racing, directly and indirectly, results in the employment of thousands individuals across the state of South Australia, providing over 3,000 FTE jobs.”

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