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James Jordan's Morphettville Parks Track Report & Speed Maps

Back-to-back meetings at Morphettville, and's James Jordan has the key information for today's meeting on the Parks track! Check out a full track report and speed maps here.


Winning Post-1500m: Not a lot to report in this section. It's in similar shape to the rest of the course but is a slow-speed area so insignificant. The growth isn’t consistent like the outer track but wear and tear is minimal. Walks a Soft 7.

1300m (chute)-1000m: Minor marking. Coverage still solid. Better side of a 7, even across as is often the case here where horses are running in straight lines.

1500m-1000m: More wear in this part of the track than in the chute. Clearly more sandfill across the inside 3 lanes. Still walks in the 7 range but coverage is a little inconsistent. Doubt many are wider than lane 3 so won't be any advantage gained.

1000-400m: Thought the track was pretty inconsistent across and the amount of sandfill makes it a little shifty underfoot. Thankfully no rain forecast on the day but not expecting them to run slick times despite it not being ‘wet’ ground. Hard up against the fence is no spoil, but it might be hard to make up ground with traction hard to come by in loose ground.

400m-Winning Post: Quite tired and lumpy with a fair bit of fill as is consistent around this track. Still don’t think hard up on the fence will be as advantageous as it usually is. It's not typical for the Parks but won't surprise me to see a few come down lanes 2-5 here if races are run quickly. Lane 6 and beyond much more heavy wear but doubt many will come that wide with the small fields. Walks between a 6 and a 7.

Overview: I wouldn't call it consistent across the surface. It walks quite lumpy and there's a fair bit of fill right around the track. I didn’t think fence was dynamite despite it being the quickest way home and the usual pattern here. I am expecting it to race fairly but interested to see if they can sprint fast sectionals from the back on what is a slightly shifty track.

*Track walked Thursday 29/7/21, 4:30pm.


Speed maps for all races at Morphettville Parks can be found here


Click here to view full fields and form for Friday's meeting.

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