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James Jordan's Saturday Speed Maps + Track Report's James Jordan has the key information ahead of tomorrow's meeting at Morphettville! Check out a full track report and speed maps here.


WP-1800: Thought that hard up against the fence would be slower ground but unlikely to have much of a bearing given the section. The growth in lane 1 is still lacking, particularly in the area between winning post and the crossing. Walks in the '4' range.

1800-1200: This section feels a little firmer under foot though still in the '4' range. It could cope with some irrigation or rain and maintain that rating whereas other sections would become a ‘5’. Unlikely any sit wide here but if they happened to I think they'd be at a slight disadvantage as lanes 1-3 walk superior. 

1200-800m: Also a Good 4 but with plenty of give in it. Visually the inside 4 lanes look cleaner but there doesn’t feel like a lot of difference when the stick breaks the surface. Wider than lane 6 has more severe marking if something comes that wide. 

800m-400m: Again the inside few lanes are visually cleaner but not suggesting it will be any faster. If anything, the stick goes in slightly more easily in this section of the track. I think it will race fairly through here but any rain (unlikely) might mean the inside breaks up a touch more as out wider is more compact from recent racing.

400-WP: The inside 5 lanes are pretty uniform. Walks a good 4, with a decent amount of give in it. This section wouldn’t be too far away from a 5 at present but sunny and windy conditions on Friday will continue to dry it out . The area out wide appears a bit ‘rougher’ but walks similarly until about lane 10 where it becomes more worn and softer.

Verdict: The rail goes back to the True position for the first time since 31/07/21 where the track ended up being a Heavy 10. With three meetings since that date with rails in the 4m, 7m and 10m position you'd probably think the inside would be an advantage but I don't feel that's the case. The inside section (lanes 1-4) looks cleaner to the eye but I don't think it will race any faster than out wider. I'm predicting an even track where every horse gets their chance and a Good 4 rating with some give in it.


Speed maps for all races at Morphettville can be found here.


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