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James Jordan's Saturday Speed Maps + Track Report's James Jordan has the key information ahead of tomorrow's meeting at Morphettville! Check out a full track report and speed maps here.


Winning Post-1800m: This section is usually a little worse than the rest of the track given horses are pulling up after the post which puts a bit more pressure on the surface. Walked just in the '5' range but rainfall since will have it on the softer side of a '5' I'd imagine.

1800m-1200m: The back straight is in good condition overall. Not much wear and couldn't see any lanes of benefit. Will be well into the '5' range after the 12mls overnight.

1200m-800m: I thought hard up against the fence would be slower ground through some additional wear and a bit of sand fill. There's no benefit in being close to the rail in races from the chute anyway so won't be surprised if they stay a horse or two off the fence. Walked a '5' yesterday, might be a bit worse today.

800m-400m: Grass has been left on the longer side and the track from the 1200m doesn't walk like ground they'll run fast time on. Around the circle I thought the jocks might start edging off the rail from the 600m mark and into lanes 3-5. It might even up as the day progresses but don't be surprised if they fan turning.

400m-Winning Post: Hard up on the rail has marginally more wear in the early part of the straight. Outside of that the track is pretty even, I did think there was more moisture in lanes 3-8 but with the overnight rainfall that could have changed. I'd like to walk the straight again on race morning as did feel there was a bit to play out with the 12mls of rain since I walked it.

Verdict: My post-meeting comments for the last five meetings (back to 21/08) have been that the fence was inferior ground on four occasions. That's including meetings with the rail in the 3m, 6m, 7m and 10m position. With the rail in the 9m position from the 1200m on Saturday you'd be inclined to think they'll get off the fence again. Walking it reaffirmed that it's the likely pattern, so I'm thinking they'll edge off the rail from the 600m but will be using plenty of the track. They may search for fresh ground as the meeting progresses as well. There's been 12mls of rain since I walked it which dampens confidence but I'd suggest barriers won't be of much importance overall. I'm expecting it to be a genuine Soft 5 and likely to stay in that range.

Track walked at 2.30pm Thursday, 28 October 2021.


Speed maps for all races can be found here.


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