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Code of Conduct for Apprentice Jockeys


This Code seeks to provide guidance to Apprentice Jockeys so as to promote and strengthen the reputation and integrity of the South Australian Thoroughbred Racing Industry by establishing standards of conduct, presentation and performance for Apprentice Jockeys.

 It also seeks to deter conduct on their part which could impact adversely on the reputation, integrity and safety of the Thoroughbred Racing Industry and its participants.


An Apprentice Jockey’s presentation and behaviour not only reflects on themselves and their family, but also their employer and the Industry generally, as well as Thoroughbred Racing S.A. Limited (TRSA). 

An Apprentice Jockey shall not behave in any manner which might bring their employer, a Registered Club, TRSA or the Thoroughbred Racing Industry into disrepute.

An Apprentice Jockey shall at all times, and while in public, behave in a professional manner which upholds and promotes the highest standards of integrity and dignity so as not to compromise the integrity of the Industry. 

An Apprentice Jockey shall not associate with any person disqualified or warned off under the Rules and should avoid the company of persons whose conduct, character or reputation signal they may pose a threat to the integrity of the apprentice jockey or the Industry,


 An Apprentice Jockey shall –

  • Dress appropriately in clean attire when attending race meetings.
  • Treat other employees, their employer and foreperson with respect and fairness.
  • Treat race day officials and staff with respect and fairness.
  • Conduct themselves appropriately when meeting and addressing owners, trainers, the media and Industry partners.
  • Display their ID registration card at all times when at the races or at trackwork.
  • Follow Occupational Health and Safety practices at all times.
  • Follow the reasonable written or verbal instructions of their employer, foreperson or staff delegated to supervisory positions.
  • Wear appropriate protective clothing and when riding a safety vest, helmet, safety light and riding boots as required by the Rules.
  • Endeavour to work safely and not cause an accident or a risk to themselves or others in the workplace.
  • Report unsafe equipment or environments to their employer.
  • Respect the confidentiality of any matter pertaining to the employer’s business.
  • Ensure all horses in their care whether during, on or off the job training, receive feed, water, exercise, according to their employer’s instructions.


 An Apprentice Jockey shall –

  • Attend lectures and training sessions of the Academy as directed by TRSA or otherwise inform the Training Supervisor.
  • Dress appropriately and in clean neat attire for classes where possible.
  • Treat other trainees, apprentices and the teaching staff of the Academy, with respect and fairness.
  • Conduct themselves appropriately so as not to distract, offend, harass or embarrass other students, teachers or guests.
  • Follow the reasonable instructions of the Training Supervisor, teaching staff or a lecturer.
  • Observe any Code of Conduct laid down by the training provider.
  • Turn off mobile phone, pagers and other electronic devices during class time at the Academy unless permitted by the Training Supervisor.


 An Apprentice Jockey shall show due regard to the property and facilities of his/her employer, a Registered Race Club, TRSA and staff as well as the property, facilities and staff of an Industry partner and/or sponsors.


 Conduct which offends the Rules may be dealt with by the Stewards.

An Apprentice Jockey shall comply with the Australian Rules of Racing, the Local Rules, Regulations and the conditions of their Employment Agreement at all times.


 Apprentices, at all times, should understand and comply with the Rules which refer to banned substances.

An Apprentice Jockey shall refrain from the taking of illicit, diuretic or anorectic substances.


 An Apprentice Jockey shall, so far as reasonable, disclose to their employer, or the Stewards, any matter which might adversely affect or limit their ability to competently ride in trackwork, in trials or in races.


 An Apprentice Jockey shall not vilify another person on the basis of their race, religion, colour, sex, sexual orientation or other related characteristics.


 An Apprentice Jockey shall, at all times, respect information regarding his employer’s business, the owners and/or the horses in training and shall not, without the permission of the employer, comment thereon.


 An Apprentice Jockey shall not, without the permission of the Board or the Stewards, write articles about racing for publication or broadcast, nor grant interviews about racing for publication or broadcast, except in respect of past events.


 TRSA Stewards may inquire into breaches of this Code and/or misconduct pursuant to the following –

(i)         civil and/or criminal laws;

(ii)        the Rules of Racing;

(iii)       the Employment Agreement.


Any Apprentice Jockey, Parent, Guardian, Employer or any other person who may seek direction or clarification in regards to this Code may do so by contacting;

Ms Briony Moore
Training Supervisor
0403 132 617


Mr Johan Petzer
Chairman of Stewards
0416 287 454